Outlaw Air Diaphragm Pump Systems. 

We’ve taken all your requests and wishes for a roof cleaning, soft washing and larger volume pump system, along with our experiences out in the field cleaning roofs, decks, fences, siding and doing mold mitigation and put them in a blender. What came out combines highly efficient, chemical resistant Air Diaphragm pumps with reliable air compressors all mounted in tidy litle frames. The Outlaw Pump Systems are compact, reliable, easy to service, with exceptional output volume for the size. We have systems that will easily fit in any truck bed, trailer or van. 

Flexible with LOWER Output?!?

While everybody concentrates on how MUCH their pump systems can output, just as important is how LITTLE a pump can output. After all, if you don’t NEED to put on massive amounts of material, why do it? Our Outlaw pumps can not only pump more than the competition…they can pump LESS. This flexibility in nozzle sizing is the biggest advantage AODD based systems have over the competition. And it is as true for our little Outlaw Mini as it is for our massive 1” Custom Skid system. Electric pumps, both 12 volt and Booster designs have a narrow flow range because they are constant pressure designs. They cannot spray small quantities of materials without short cycling and blowing up. Gas Diaphragm pumps have issues with small flows and smaller spray hoses due to the bypass valve system and output. But Air Diaphragm pumps offer extremely wide flow ranges from a fine mist to full on deluge. This translates to significant materials cost savings of 20-30% for our average customer. Simply put, if you sprayed a roof with an 040 nozzle on your 12 volt, you can now spray with an 010 or 020 on your Outlaw. 


While Imitation MAY be the sincerest form of flattery, in commerce it can also be known as stealing. Yes, we’ve already seen one imitation Outlaw-C. So, please be aware that our designs are Patent Pending. If you wish to build them under license, please contact Kevin Enderle to inquire about licensing fees and agreements. 

Our Standard Models. 

Please click on the link to see the page for each pump package. 

Outlaw-Mini. The Mini is a small, handheld, 7 GPM pump that offers all the advantages of air diaphragm for just $399, all in a tough, aluminum enclosure with a handle. There is NOTHING else on the market like it! 

Outlaw-C Gen 2.  Our Runaway Best Seller. The Outlaw-C is the world’s most compact Gas Powered Air diaphragm pump. Packing a 10 GPM pump in a 20” cube. Now improved even more. 

Modular Series.

The New Outlaw-M Modular pump systems. Coming Soon! 

Custom Built Models

Outlaw Custom Skid Series. Our Custom Built Outlaw Skids offer intelligent design, flexibility and upgradability unrivaled in ANY other pump system on the market. From small residential to massive commercial and high rise cleaning systems, there is an Outlaw skid for everybody. 

Custom Installed Systems. We offer fully customized systems including full packages all the way up to and including the truck. We fabricate, install and design in our Bellingham WA location. Our Specialty is fiting utterly ridiculous amounts of cleaning equipment into impossibly small vehicles and trailers. We've built systems that  are out there cleaning 20 story skyscrapers. if you can imagine it, we can probably build it.  


Our Goal is to meet the specialized needs of cleaning contractors. So our systems can be customized. Need a system that will clean a 50,000 sq foot commercial roof in an hour and spray a fine mist of acid for rust removal…at the same time on the same skid?

No problem. See our Custom Fabrication Page for just a few examples of builds we’ve done for customers.