Custom Design & Fabrication Services

We offer custom pump and spray system installation and fabrication services at our Bellingham, WA location. We are small but mighty in our capabilities of building a customized cleaning rig. Whether you need a system for a tiny little van, a custom ladder rack or tank mount package, or a system that can clean a massive highrise, we can build it. Below are just a few samples of projects…

Custom Fabricated Truck Build with reel enclosure, custom doors, sealed tank system, Hannay Reels and 1” Price Pump System. 

IMG 1314

Custom Ladder Rack being built for an Isuzu ELF Flatbed Truck for one of our Canadian Clients. 

IMG 1275 2

Custom Multi-Reel Rack System. 


Custom fabricate pump enclosure with 1” Air Diaphragm pump and valve system. Aluminum/Steel.

IMG 0377 2

9 ft flatbed with 1” Air Diaphragm system, 4 motorized reels, 5.5 GPM Hot water pressure washer for a Louisiana client. 

IMG 1298

World’s Smallest Cleaning System. Built in a Day. 10 GPM Custom Outlaw-B, 8 GPM Pressure Washer, 2 Tanks, Custom Reel Rack…all on an 8 ft trailer. 

IMG 1338

A basic roof cleaning rig. Custom ladder rack. Outlaw-C Pump System. Gorilla Reel. 


Custom high volume twin tank system with custom ladder rack and dual tank mount. Outlaw-D Pump system. 

And yes…we do more than just pumps as these custom, hand plasma cut pieces for a local artist prove. And yes, she wanted the raw, unfinished look! 

IMG 1697